S168 Silicone Sealant Weather-resistant Adhesive Construction Weather-resistant seal for exterior walls, roofs, doors and windows

S168 silicone sealant is a one-component water vapor curing, medium modulus, good weather resistance Mainly used for general elastic sealing purposes, suitable for waterproof sealing of industrial and general buildings

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S168 Technical Index Glue (tested at 23 ° C, 50% RH) Specific gravity :    1.4 ~ 1.5 g / cc       measured at 23 ℃ Extrusion rate:     280ml / min           GB / T13477.3 Surface drying time (finger touch method):   20min min      GB / T13477.5 Curing speed:About 2mm 23 ℃ x50% RH, initial 24h After curing (curing at 23 ℃, 50% RH for 28 days) Tensile Strength:     > 1.0MPa            GB / T13477.8 Tensile modulus:       0.5MPa             GB / T13477.8 Elongation at break: About 150%      GB / T13477.8 Elastic recovery rate: > 95%               GB / T13477.17 Hardness (Shore A):   About 45A      GB / T531.1 Operating temperature:   -65 ~ 150    ℃ typical application: 1. Weatherproof sealing of building exterior walls, roofs, doors and windows. 2. Auxiliary sealing of the joint between the outdoor reservoir and the tank. 3. Sealing of indoor HVAC channels. Construction tips: 1. Remove all putty, rust and water from the glued area. 2. Choose the appropriate cushion material to fill the seam according to the seam design specifications. 3. In order to keep the glue flat and beautiful, masking paper can be attached to both sides of the seam for protection, and the surface should be trimmed and peeled off before the glue is peeled. Precautions for use: 1. Due to the difference in materials and the different construction environments, it is recommended to perform adhesion tests on the construction environment and the substrate to ensure specific bonding purposes. 2. Under extreme application conditions, such as high temperature, high humidity, high pH, ​​long-term immersion in oil or water, etc., the applicability needs to be tested before application. 3. Applying glue at a low temperature below 5 ° C or a material surface temperature exceeding 50 ° C will affect the final adhesion, and proceed with caution. 4. S168 is used with caution in the following situations: ● All material surfaces that can ooze grease, plasticizers or solvents. ● Discoloration or corrosion may occur on the surface of copper metal. Safety Tips: Please read the relevant product safety information in the product MSDS carefully before using. For more information, please contact Qingdao Lida Chemical Co., Ltd. or obtain it from the agent distributor. Packing: 300ml / plastic tube 590ml / soft support Colors: black / white / grey three conventional colors, customized special colors. Storage: Uncured adhesive is sensitive to high temperature and high humidity environment, please store in a dry and cool place. The storage period under the original packaging is 12 months. important: All the above product technical information, including the description on the product packaging, recommended information and other statements are based on our laboratory tests and inferences. We believe that these statements are correct and reliable, but we are not correct about the accuracy of the data. Integrity is guaranteed in any form. Due to the differences in application environments and different application methods, users should make pre-tests according to their own application methods and application conditions to ensure that the products are suitable for specific uses. In addition, we do not make any representations, hints or guarantees about the specific uses and commercial uses of the products. Any sales of this product should be carried out in accordance with LEDAR ’s sales terms, unless LEDAR proves that it has made a major mistake or fraud, LEDAR will not be responsible for the above information or any other oral suggestions.

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