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Formation of the product Sprayed rigid foam polyurethane is a water-proof, heat-preservingand heat-insulating foam formed by mixing components A and B ina certain proportion and undergoing a series of chemical reactions. ▲A component material The A component material is a composite material composed ofpolyol (combined polyether or polyester) and water, catalyst,stabilizer, flame retardant and other additives,commonly knownas white material. ▲B component material The main component of the B-component material is isocyanate,which is a brown liquid, commonly known as black material.

Full water B1 grade spraying rigid polyurethane (PU) cold storage insulation system

Spraying rigid foam polyurethane is based onisocyanate (vulgar Black material) and polyols (commonly known aswhite materiallj mixed with catalysts,modifiers,anti-aging agents.phosphorus nitrogen flame retardants (independent research and dewelopment),water (independent research and development) andother additives (commonly known as white materials).Uniform mixing. high-pressure spraying, and on-sitefoaming form a new type of high-molecular polymerthermal insulation and waterproof material. it hasexcellent thermal insulation performance and goodwaterproof performance.The thermal insulationperformance is better than the traditional ordinaryrigid foam. lt is non-fluorine, non-toxic and pollution-free real B1 polyurethane rigid foam.

Polyurethane sandwich panel (PUR) cold storage insulation system

Polyurethane sandwich panels (PUR) use rigid foampolyurethane (or modified polyurethane) panels as thermalinsulation materials.The panels are inorganically reinforcedand composited so that their combustion level can reachcompositeA level, while inheriting the excellent properties ofpolyurethane foam. , The fire rating is more outstanding., andthe scope of application is wider.

Spray polyurethane roofing integrated system for energy saving, heat preservationand waterproofing

Flat roof insulation in new and existing buildings is one of the main application areas of sprayed rigidpolyurethane foam. Practice has proved that spraying rigid polyurethane foam to heat the roof can save 80% of the time and 50%of the investment cost compared with conventional heat insulation methods.Especially in those key areas anddome areas or areas that are not easy to handle on the parapet wall, spraying can be conveniently carried out.Spraying rigid foam polyurethane can cure quickly and can walk on it after twenty minutes. You can choose todirectly apply a thin film protective layer that can resist ultraviolet rays on the surface of the spray foam. Spraying rigid foam polyurethane can be conveniently and quickly sprayed on the dry and dust-free roofsurface.Advantages of spraying rigid foam polyurethane for exterior wall insulation: 1.Good heat preservation performance and low thermal conductivity 2.High dimensional stability, no bending, no warping, no deformation 3.Long service life (the same service life as the building can be used)4.Convenient construction, wide applicability and short construction period 5.Strong bonding force, integral bonding, no cavity, no cracking and no falling off 6. Good waterproof performance, overall closed cell structure 7.Non-fluorine, non-toxic and non-polluting 8.Superior flame retardant performance, real B1 grade material

Spray polyurethane exterior wall energy saving, heat preservation and waterproofintegrated system

Dry-hanging curtain wall energy-saving external insulation system

The external thermal insulation system behind the curtain wall or the dry-hanging external thermal insulationsystem of the curtain wall can be used for the renovation of new buildings and existing buildings. The metal orstone surface layer of the dry-hanging curtain wall system can protect the external components of the wall fromthe weather, and can be used as a decorative building facade to give designers more choices. First fix the embedded parts of the curtain wall system to the wall, and then spray the rigid foam polyurethanearound the wall and the embedded parts. According to the type of dry hanging curtain wall, vertical keel or aluminurguide rail can be installed to fix and install the curtain wall. Keep a 2-4cm ventilation layer between the curtain walland the foam insulation layer to keep the area dry and free of moisture. Polyurethane foam has a unique thermalinsulation and waterproof function, and can also prevent external wall leakage.The sprayed rigid foam polyurethane material is light in weight and has no effect on the originalbuilding structure.The sprayed rigid foam polyurethane can be bonded to the surface of variouswaterproofing membranes such as mortar, concrete, steel, rubber and asphalt.Spraying rigid foampolyurethane has lower requirements for the sprayed surface, the construction process is gradual,the speed is fast, and the use of the building is not affected. It is the best choice to use the waterproofand thermal insulation integration function of sprayed rigid foam polyurethane to make waterproof andthermal insulation transformation on the roof of steel structure buildings.

Full water B1 grade spraying rigid polyurethane (PU) cold storage insulation system

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