Polyurethane adhesive glue

Product features:

1. Material: Copolymerized from polyurethane and isocyanate.

2. Appearance: brown viscous liquid.

3. It is suitable for manual smear, strong stickability, superior performance, convenient construction, foaming after solidification, non-melting and insoluble, high and low temperature resistance and so on.

4. Application: widely used in the manufacture of fire doors, security doors, household doors, cooling equipment in all kinds of composite plate and all kinds of fire prevention, thermal insulation materials (rock wool, ceramic wool, ultrafine glass wool, polystyrene foam plastic, etc.) bonding, can also be used for metal and metal bonding.

Products Details

5. Usage:

(1) pretreatment: the surface of the adhesive is cleaned.

(2) sizing: use sawtooth scraper to apply the glue on the surface of the adhesive evenly, also can use mechanical rolling coating, can not use brush brush (glue viscosity is large), brushing amount of about 250g/m2, specific according to the actual situation control the amount of glue.

(3) composite: after the glue can be composite adhesive.

(4) post-treatment: because this glue is a foaming adhesive, when the adhesive layer is cured, the glue can be drilled into the micro hole of the adhesive, play the role of anchorage, increase the bonding strength, and must be compressed after curing.

Product parameters:

Product name polyurethane foaming adhesive

Brands have to match

Type of PU - 90

Viscosity (MPa ·s) 3000-4000

Capacity multiple specifications

PH 6-7

Appearance color is brown

Curing time 60 minutes

Curing 90%

Shelf life is 12 months

Polyurethane foam Product parameters
product name Polyurethane adhesive Brand name desay
type PU ViscosityMPA.S) 6000-8000
Specifications 0.125L0.5L1.3KG5KG10KG25KG Curing time 0.5-1h
Exterior color brown Shelf life 12 months
Solid content 65%    
图片1 Packaging specifications   Features It has the characteristics of superior performance, convenient construction, foaming after curing, insolubility and insolubility, high and low temperature resistance. 图片2     Scope of application Manufacture of fire-resistant doors, anti-theft doors, household doors, cold equipment, and various fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials (rock wool, ceramic wool, ultra-fine glass wool, polystyrene foam plastic, etc.) are also used for bonding. For metal to metal adhesion. 图片3   Instructions 1. Principle of curing: This adhesive is a one-component solvent-free adhesive, which is cured by moisture absorbed in the air and on the surface of the adherend. 2.Surface treatment of the adherend: remove the oil and dust on the surface of the adherend. Excessive oil stains can be cleaned with acetone or xylene. If there is no oil stain, it is not necessary to clean. Time, if necessary, spray a small amount of water mist on the rubber surface with a sprayer. 3.Glue coating: Use a zigzag scraper to evenly apply glue on the surface of the adherend. Mechanical glue can also be applied, but brushing is not required (grease viscosity is large), and the coating amount is about 150-250g / . The surface of the adherend can be slightly reduced, and the surface roughness can be slightly increased, that is, as long as the surfaces of the two adherends meet and can fully contact the glue, the less the coating amount, the better, because the more glue is applied, the more The moisture absorbed on the surface of the adherend is limited, which will affect the curing time. If the amount of glue applied is required, a small amount of water mist can be sprayed appropriately. 4.compound: can be glued 5.Post-treatment: Due to the foaming adhesive of this rubber, when the adhesive layer is cured, the glue can drill down the micropores of the adherend, which plays an anchoring role and increases the bonding strength. The material is compacted and can be loosened after curing (the pressure is about 0.5kg-1kg / cm2). 6.Tool cleaning can use ethyl acetate solvent. 图片4 Precautions 1、Use a serrated spatula for the scraper, such as a flat plate. However, if the glue is applied too hard, there will be no glue left on the coating surface. If the glue is applied too lightly, the glue will be too much waste. The zigzag scraper is just as hard as it is, and the glue left by the sawtooth is as much. 2、The two bonding surfaces to be compounded must be glued on one side.       storage method This product should be stored in a cool and dark place during storage. Generally in indoor warehouses, the storage period is one year. After each use of glue, the barrel with excess glue should be sealed and stored, and the upper layer of glue liquid will solidify and crust due to moisture intrusion. If it is not used for a long time, it should be sealed with nitrogen.    

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