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1.Do not mix this product with other glues, otherwise the glue will deteriorate and cannot be used 2.After taking the glue, seal it in time to avoid air drying and skin. The glue taking tool should be clean to avoid bringing impurities into the quality 3.OPP, BOPP material is a strong inert material, difficult to bond, so the bonding should be used in accordance with the method, otherwise easy to cause the explosion phenomenon 4.Whether the bonding effect is perfect, please observe the adhesive after 8 hours 5. The color and viscosity of this product will change with the change of storage time and temperature. It is the inherent property of glue, but it does not affect the bonding effect of glue 6.After use, it should be sealed and stored in dry shade

Products Details

Product features 1.Good adhesion 2.The nature of the stable 3.Suitable for hand application;   Method of use

Pretreatment: first clean the adhesive surface with gauze or brush to remove oil stain.

Sizing: sizing on a sticking surface, should be a thin and uniform adhesive layer, no leakage of glue.

Curing: after sticking, pressing for 10-30 minutes, the initial curing does not bounce off (the glue speed is related to temperature and thickness)

  Application: Manual sealing glue is made of a variety of high quality resin copolymer, suitable for card gold paper, color printing paper and other single-sided laminated paper plastic packing box, gift box bonding.The sealing edge banding
name Manual sealing glue
Solid content 45%
viscosity 18000±2000mPa.s
capacity More specifications
ph 6-7
color white
Cure time 10-30min
Amount of curing 50-55%
Shelf life 12

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