cyamoposis gum

Guar gum powder JK-901 is a modified guar ether, specially used for toys (children's mucus) or dust cleaning gel with special properties; JK901 is a self-crosslinking product. Suitable for DIY products. Natural and safe ingredients It is ready to be formulated without adding other chemicals to form a gel. Boron is less than 1000ppm in JK901POWDER. Add JK901 powder to water (1:10), shake or stir for 30-50 seconds, wait for 10-15 minutes, a non-sticky, elastic, playable gel can be formed. Highly elastic, good-feeling gel is suitable for children's mucus or dust cleaning gel. This product is a yellow powder, which is obtained by chemical modification of guar gum powder and has many excellent properties. Compared with guar collagen powder, water-insoluble matter and residues are significantly reduced. It can be used as an oilfield water-based fracturing fluid and mud additive, which can effectively reduce the pollution to the formation, with good high temperature resistance and strong stability. It is suitable for petroleum exploration and mining, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, textiles, blasting and other fields.

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