Water base paper tube core glue

Product attributes

Color milky white thick liquid

The main materials are polyvinyl alcohol, kaolin, etc

The solid content of 25% or higher

Concentration of 35 ~ 60 s

PH 6 ~ 7

Shelf life > 4 months

Temperature >0 ℃

Storage temperature BBB 0 5℃

Store in a cool and dark place, sealed and sealed

Products Details

Paper tube glue Product introduction. It is made from polyvinyl alcohol, kaolin and small materials. Product characteristics. 1: Strong initial adhesion, rapid curing time(time that the glue become dry).  Within 3-5 minutes, the adhension can be strong enough breaking when torn vigorously. after adding glue can make the paper tube rigid, and resist high pressure. 2: Because the raw materials include kaolin which price is cheap only 260 USD / ton, paper tube manufacturers have a large demand for it. Product parameters. Appearance Milky white light yellow Viscosity 1200 24% solids PH 7-8 Curing time: 24 hours Shelf life 6 months Fourth, the scope of application 1: This kind of glue can be used by immersion or spray, used in the production process of yarn tube, pagoda tube, chemical fiber tube, sealing tape tube, paper corner protection, etc. 2: If the thickness of the paper tube is 3-8 mm, it can be cured at room temperature. If above 12 mm requires an oven to accelerate curing. 3: This kind of glue can be used on the fast pagoda tube production line. Product Features 1. High-efficiency paper tube glue is a water-based product, which is safe to use and does not cause environmental pollution. 2. The moisture evaporates quickly, and after production the paper tube has low shrinkage, small deformation and high yield. 3. The solid content is large, which greatly reduces the drying time and shortens the production cycle; 4. Short initial sticking time, suitable for starting coils at different speeds, forming at one time, improving efficiency and reducing labor intensity; 5. High bonding strength: The compressive strength, water resistance and frost resistance of the paper tube produced by this glue are superior to those produced by other rubber types! 6. Green and environmental protection: The long-term use of this paper tube glue is harmless to the human body, and the product production conforms to the production standards of the enterprise; 7. Strong cold resistance, good fluidity at 0 ℃, no gelation. 8. Good storage stability. Stored at room temperature for more than 3 months without delamination or deterioration. ? Product Usage 1. Suitable for various types of paper tube and paper tube production lines, used to make paper tubes, paper cores, paper tubes, paper cans used in chemical fiber, papermaking, plastics, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing industries; 2. Suitable for various types of paper corner protection production lines; 3. Suitable for making various paper guards, honeycomb paper cores, paper trays, etc .; 4. Suitable for high-grade carton and carton production lines; 5. Suitable for various manual and automatic pagoda tube mechanical coiling; 6, diluted with water can be used for flocking


Water-based products are safe to use and do not cause environmental pollution

Water volatilization fast, the production of paper tube shrinkage rate is low, small variation, high yield

Large solid content, greatly reducing the drying time, shorten the production cycle

Strong cold resistance, good fluidity at 0℃ condition, no gelation

Good storage stability, room temperature storage for more than 3 months, no stratification, no deterioration

High bonding strength: the paper tube produced by this glue has superior compressive strength, water resistance and frost resistance than that produced by other kinds of glue


Range of application

Suitable for various types of paper tube, paper tube production line, used for the production of chemical fiber, paper, plastic, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing industries such as paper tube, paper core, paper tube, paper can.

Suitable for making all kinds of paper guard board, honeycomb paper core, paper tray and other production lines.

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