Super thick polyvinyl alcohol paper glue transparent thick glue corrugated carton wireless binding glue 500ml

1.Strong adhesive force: strong initial adhesive force, transparent after solidification

2.Easy to use: after stirring evenly, brush directly on the sticky material

3.Water soluble: soluble in water, easy to clean

4.Paper use: no surface treatment of ordinary paper bonding

Products Details

Method of use

Pretreatment: first clean the adhesive surface with gauze or brush to remove oil stain.

Construction: roller or brush must be kept clean before use, after use can be cleaned with clean water.The amount of cloth glue is 100-200g/ m2

Curing: need to paint one side, the paste place with a heavy weight pressure, generally two minutes after the initial viscosity, curing after 30 minutes

  Product details
  1. appearanceTransparent viscous liquid, suitable for hand application
  2. AdhesionStrong viscosity and stable property

Scope of application It is suitable for binding common paper such as kraft paper, A4 paper, corrugated carton, honeycomb board and kraft paper bag.Crayon labeling and automatic labeling machine use;It can also be diluted with water  
Viscosity 30000±1000
Cure time 30min
Solid content 10%

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