Harmful Usage of Drugs Increasing Among Techiman Youth, Impacting Individuals Negatively

2023-04-28 16:46:07 By : admin
article on the prevalence of drug abuse in Techiman, its effects on the youth, and efforts being made to curb the situation.

Techiman, a bustling town located in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana, is battling with an increase in drug abuse, especially among the youth. In recent years, the town has recorded a surge in the usage of illicit drugs such as tramadol, cannabis, and super glue, among others.
Super glue shortage hits Techiman as youth allegedly inhale, mix with energy drinks

These drugs, which were previously not common in the area, have gained popularity among young people who crave for easy and quick highs. The negative effects of drug abuse on individuals and society as a whole cannot be overemphasized. The situation in Techiman is no different as reports of addiction, violence, and criminal activities are on the rise.

The harmful usage of drugs is not only detrimental to an individual's health but also their future. It is, therefore, no surprise that concerned citizens and stakeholders are calling for immediate action to be taken to curb the trend.

According to some residents, the shortage of super glue, a common drug used by youths, has hit Techiman hard. It has, however, not deterred the trend as young people continue to engage in the dangerous practice of inhaling and mixing it with energy drinks.

Super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate adhesives, is often used for fixing broken objects. It, however, has another use that poses a threat to human health - inhaling. The fumes emitted from super glue when inhaled cause a quick and intense high that can lead to severe health problems, including respiratory failure and even death.

In recent times, the practice of mixing super glue and energy drinks has become popular among young people in Techiman. This dangerous trend has raised concern among parents, teachers, and other stakeholders, who worry about the long-term consequences of such practices.

Some residents have called on the government to take a more proactive approach in combating the problem. They believe that the authorities should invest in creating better education and rehabilitation programs for affected individuals.

It is not uncommon to see young people loitering in the streets while high on drugs. These individuals often engage in petty crimes and other delinquent activities that threaten the peace and security of the community.

One resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, said, "It is disturbing to see how many of our young people have been sucked into drug addiction. The situation is dire, and we need to do something about it."

Efforts are being made to combat the issue of drug abuse in Techiman. The local government, in partnership with various stakeholders, is organizing sensitization campaigns aimed at educating young people about the dangers of drug addiction.

Additionally, a task force has been established to crack down on the sale and distribution of illicit drugs. However, these efforts seem to be yielding slow results, as many young people continue to indulge in drug abuse.

The effects of drug abuse in Techiman are far-reaching and impact the welfare of the community. It is, therefore, important for parents, teachers, government officials, and other stakeholders to come together and find lasting solutions to the problem.


The prevalence of drug abuse in Techiman is a worrisome trend that requires immediate attention from all stakeholders. Effects of drug addiction can be devastating to individuals and their families, leading to depression, mental illness, and even death. In the interest of the community and the youth's welfare, concerted efforts must be made to eradicate drug abuse and create healthier and more productive citizens.